Let's start this with a warning: Soulsworn can be NSFW cause it's sexy and violent, and Grinn curses like a sailor.

Soulsworn is a dark comedic drama following the life of two women in the city of Greystone. Death has been outlawed. Those who are susceptible to dying must, therefore, swear their eternal soul to a Keeper of their choice. Most often you get something nice out of it, but when they die it's time to pay up. These souls are turned into the Sworn, eternal servants out to do the bidding of their Keepers.

It really sucks there.

Of course if you don't like your options there are always two other ways out:

Paying unattainable sums of money toward the Death Tax. (Pick yourselves up by your bootstraps, you slackers!)

Trusting someone enough to help you escape. (Easier said then done, stolen souls sell for a pretty penny, and see option 1)



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